Help with custom destinations - Automatically forward incoming calls to another server

Sorry, I’ve already Googled my brains out :slight_smile:

Using Trixbox version 2.8.04 -

I’ve held off asking for help up to this point so it would force me to learn FreePBX on my own, but I’m 2/3rd along on my test project and have hit an impasse.

I’ve managed to install and configure two TrixBox servers together within the same network & same LAN. Server A has a SIP account <200>. Server B has a SIP account <400> and an analog phone line attached. There is a working IAX2 trunk between the two servers. Server B can call server A both through SIP as well as using an analog phone and vice versa for Server A. I am a NOOB, so this took a LOT of effort up to this point, but I learned a lot on the journey.

The next step in my project is to automatically forward incoming analog calls from server B to server A. The SIP account <200> on server A will work for now, but it will forward to an analog extension in the future.

I found that in order to automatically transfer an incoming call to another server, I had to create an extension in “Custom Destinations”. I believe this was called “Misc Destinations” in the past. I’ve been Googling this module for a couple of days now and I really haven’t found anything that helps. Setting up an extension is probably quite easy for an experience user, but I’m still a long way off. Unfortunately, this module is still quite new and it sounds like it may also be a little buggy. The info that “Custom Destination” prompts is:

Custom Destination:{empty box}; this appears to be where you enter the extension.
Desintation Quick Pick: {drop down box}; Nothing to select at this point.
Description: {self explanitory}
Notes: {Also self explanitory}

Please let me know if I can provide any other details. Like I said before, I’m still very inexperienced but will do my best to provide anything that may help.



The trixbox beta that’s out has FreePBX 2.8 in it that allows you to set a trunk as a destination of an inbound route.

You can also create a custom extension with the dial string as the following syntax:


IE: to call 5551212 on trunk (peer) named serverb


Thanks for the quick reply Skyking. I’ve read many of your offerings in the past and you’ve been a great help. I’ll try suggestion in the morning. It’s something I’ve yet to try, so it should be interesting :slight_smile: