Help with Cox Business trunk configuration using edgemarc gateway

Does anyone here have a Cox Business trunk configured with FreePBX ?

I’ve been trying to get this trunk to make outgoing calls for the last three days with Cox’s tier 3 support. Not happening. Asterisk is registered fine with their edgemarc gateway on the same LAN. Any special configurations for a Cox trunk ?! The same installation works perfectly fine with a sip trunk from!

I have these settings in my Outgoing settings of the trunk…


and just a registration string on the incoming side.

702xxxxxx:[email protected]

According to SIP debug messages and asterisk’s verbose logging, it registers to just fine. However, outbound calls result in a “there was no answer” message from asterisk. Cox is unable to troubleshoot because they can’t help with the configuration on my end and I should hire a vendor to do this apparently :confused:

Any ideas ?

is the edgemarc? configuring sip trunking in the edgemarc is a non-trival exercise. i am curious about your comment " and just a registration string on the incoming side". i don’t quite understand what you are trying to say here. do they require you to use registration with your trunk?

i assume you have no access to the edgemarc? have you done a packet capture to see what is happening between asterisk and the edgemarc? we use edgemarc’s all the time, they work great, but have to be one of the most quirky products out there.

They do require registration, but only for the outgoing calls. You’re right.

Apparently it wasn’t a problem on my end and the Cox tech was able to figure it out. The Edgemarc was incorrectly rewriting the SIP headers with a strange IP address before it was passing them out to the rest of their network.

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