Help with Configuring a Mitel IP Phone

Hi there,

I’m trying to configure two Mitel IP phones for use in our school’s press box/booth. I already have FreePBX up and running in the booth, and I’ve gone through the UI and configured a few things. However, my difficulty comes when I try to connect the phones. I know that Mitel isn’t necessarily the best brand to use with FreePBX, but we had some extras sitting in a closet, and I wanted to put them to use.

I’ve gotten as far as accessing the Mitel IP Phone Configuration tool through my web browser by typing in the phone’s IP address. However, I’m stuck there. The phone gives a dial tone and some preset line buttons, but once I hit “Dial”, nothing happens, and I can’t dial in to the phone either. Here are my questions:

  • How can I find the IP address of my FreePBX TFTP server?
  • How do I use the EndPoint Manager to configure the phone (which I already paid $150 for an upgraded version of ECM…)?

I would appreciate any help possible as soon as possible. Our spring sports season starts very soon, and I want to make sure that the system is ready to go before then!


lets start with what model of phone.

The one I have somewhat running is a Mitel 5340.

I also have a Mitel 5320e that will not get past the “Waiting for LAN Link to come up” screen.

Can you tell us the version of firmware thats on them? Some ship with MInet software, and need to be converted to SIP firmware to work.

They were initially running with MInet software, but I converted them to SIP with through the initial configuration screen. I do not know the exact firmware version.

pull up the live log of asterisk
asterisk -cvvvvr

the type
sip show peers

Lets see what the registrations status is.

I’m not currently at the server, but when I’m there tomorrow, I’ll run that and let you know what it says.

So I ran those commands, and what came back was that there were 0 registrations. All the numbers listed were 0. I’m assuming that’s not a good thing…

while watching that live log, reboot the phone, see if you see anything show up while that phone registers.

The thing is, though, that I don’t think the phone actually registers. After it loads up the default SIP page without any configuration, NO REG flashes periodically at the top of the screen.

AHh ok.
Ive got a 5340, i’ll grab it and see if i can make it work. Update in a couple of hours

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Fantastic. I appreciate your continued help.

I’ve got a 5340 here, but there is no way its letting the web page come up for any reason i can work out yet.

Okay, but how do I configure it still? That’s all I’m trying to do, but it’s been ridiculously difficult.

Do you still need help with this? I have never spent much time with the FreePBX TFTP server. I always use the Solarwinds Free TFTP server to configure these phones. That said, except for certain settings, I have always gotten them working first with the Web interface. If you send me a screenshot of the Global Sip page, I can take a look for you.

The TFTP ip of your Freepbx server should just be the IP of the Freepbx server.
I am assuming you have added Mitel in the Endpoint manage and configured the template.

How are you telling the phone to pull it’s config from the TFTP server? DHCP Option or hard coding into the phone manually?

To see live logs of TFTP you can follow the following instructions from the Freepbx Wiki

With that you can at least see if the phones are reaching out and talking to your server and trying to pull it’s config.

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