Help with conference PINs / Admins


I moved our conference call system from an old FreePBX server that had separate DIDs for each user / room to the new FreePBX server that uses a single DID with an IVR to each room so we could expand easier and give each user two rooms without going DID crazy. The problem is the email invite system in every desktop sharing software we’ve tried only has a field for conference number, not room number + PIN. I’m seeing that the PINs are optional in the Conferences application - if I do that, how does it determine who the leader is, by the first person in? Is there some way to have it automatically make internal callers the admin so that PINs are not required, even if they’re not the first person in the conference?

I apologize if this is explained somewhere, but I’ve scoured both the help files and the forums and have been unable to find an answer to this. It seems that there’s got to be a fairly simple solution.

Another item - I’ve noticed Elastix has a fantastic Conference module with desktop sharing that seems to be able to replace the commercial desktop sharing solutions we employ, though I haven’t tried it yet - are there plans in the works for a comparable solution for FreePBX? If not, I’m toying with setting up an IAX trunk to an Elastix server for that module, but I’m trying to keep things simple.


Rhiannon B