Help with Cisco 2811 as PRI to Sip Gateway

I am wondering if anybody here can help me with setting up the config file on a Cisco 2811 router to act as a PRI to Sip Gateway. I came across a few threads about this subject but I need to get some details ironed out. I will be deploying latest distro of FreePBX on a VM at my brother’s business. Location is still under contract for another year with two T1/PRI (46 channels) so I have to make use of it for now.

I purchased a Cisco 2811 on eBay with IOS 12.4, with a dual port vwic 2mft-t1, & 1 ATM/Voice AIM. I added a 4 port FXS card and I have a PVDM2-64 in the mail.
The basic config is described in this thread from 2012: Basic setup from freepbx to cisco 28XX as voicegateway with PRI

Since I have dual t1 with 46 channels, I would need to modify that config along with changing the system specific items (IP’s, Slot Numbers, etc.)

If possible, I would also like to peel off the fax DIDs and send them to the FXO Ports and send any and all other DIDs to the sip trunk.

Would you be willing to send me your config on the 2811? I’m wanting to do what you are doing (without peeling off any lines to FXO ports) and connect it to a new FreePBX VM, and I have a brand new 2811 with nothing but my level 15 username setup. I’m great with IOS for switches and data routers, but I have no experience with their voice-enabled equipment.