Help with cid prefix

I have a box with 2 DID’s that run through each a separate IVR then to a ring group for my cell and partners cell. I entered CID prefix in the inbound routes and in the ringroup sections but they will not show up on my cellphone. I need it to distinguish which company the caller is calling so I can answer my cellphone with the proper greeting

CID prefix is for internal extensions only. You cannot send it to a cell phone and most networks will not let you modify and send the CID number in a non-standard format. You will find with FreePBX v2.7, you can set a fixed outbound CID on the route or ring group. The trade off would be that your cell phone would show the number you program so you know which route it came from but you would not get the CID of your caller.


try another approach. Use 2 different ringgroups. Choose the ‘Call Confirmation’ option so that you have to acknowledge the call when it hits your cell phone (press 1 to accept…). Now create a unique message for each ringgroup vs. the system default, so the first would say something like: “Inbound call from Company A” while the other would say “…Company B”.

Now when your cell phone rings you know which it is, and can choose to answer it or not and if so, with the proper greeting. You also don’t have to read the CID, it will tell you.