Help with Bulk Handler

When I try to import a bulk list of extensions (which I’ve done many times before) I get the following error:
Call to undefined function core_devices_list()

Current PBX Version:
Current System Version: 12.7.8-2008-1.sng7
Bulk Handler 13.0.22

Thoughts on what changed recently? I successfully ran Bulk Handler to import extensions just last week.

If the community hasn’t seen this (or know how to fix it) can someone point me in a direction to get professional help?

I opened a ticket with FreePBX and Kapil solved my issue almost instantaneously! (Thanks Kapil!!!)
Here is the solution:

[root@freepbx ~]# fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin --edge
Edge repository temporarily enabled
No repos specified, using: [standard,extended,commercial] from last GUI settings

Downloading module 'sysadmin'
Processing sysadmin
 715689/715689 [============================] 100%
Finished downloading
Download completed in 3 seconds
Updating tables sysadmin_options, sysadmin_update_log, sysadmin_fail2ban...Done
Generating CSS...Done
Module sysadmin version successfully installed
Updating Hooks...Done
Chowning directories...Done
Resetting temporarily repository state
[root@freepbx ~]# 

Hmm, does this mean the latest “stable” bulk handler update(13.0.22) that recently came out is broken? I’ll be using it in the next week or two so I guess I’ll find out then…

It was for me. Odd that I’m the “only one” who hit this but the update I posted earlier fixed the issue, again, for me.

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