Help: What requirements and guide to follow for GSM Voice+Text to SIP forward with Dongle?

Hello Everyone,

I am starting in the self hosting realm and would need your kind help on knowing what are the requirements and guides to follow in order to forward my Sim card calls+Sms to SIP and call/send sms from the SIP to other numbers in the same country using an old x86 thinclient or machine+ a 3G dongle.

I have been reading a bit and for the server part, do I need to have asterisk+Freepbx or just Freepbx would be fine?
As for the dongle I read that it works using something called Chan dongle, is that included in Freepbx somehow?

Is the list of USB dongles compatibility up to date for the voice+text or you maye you know best dongle models?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

chan_dongle is third party abandonware. It is not included or supported.

Thanks for the reply!

Is there a new process now maybe?

Use a gateway box connected through SIP, although note that you will have to check how they handle SMS.

You mean a GSM gateway?
I can’t use any dongle anymore ?

You can, but you need to install unsupported third party software to do so. It has never been part of the official FreePBX.

In practice, the main users of chan_dongle are hobbyists, using Raspberry Pi based systems.

I’d also note that some mobile phone operators have strict limits on the automated use of SMS. E.g. mine would consider it ToS violation to send the same text to multiple people.

In the USA, there registration requirements for anyone sending marketing texts using standard phone numbers. Not being in the USA I’m not sure of the exact rules, but some operators seem to apply this to any automated use, and count a PABX as being an automated use.

In general, if you are making significant use of automated texts, they should not be injected over the air interface, but by a route that gets them more directly to the SMS centere.

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