Help to debug the provisioning mechanism for my phones please



I have a free installation of FreePBX distro, I have retored by old settings and purchsed the Segoma endpoint module.

Last week, I added a Polycom IP 330 as an extension mapping between this physical phone and en existing extension:

I configured my DHCP so that it points the phone to the freepbx server ( using tftp::…) . Upon reboot, my phone connected to freepbx and I saw its extension number changing to what was set in the endpoint manager.

However, the phone was saying : unregistered line. So, from what I saw on the web, this means that the phone could not register, probably because of a bad password.

However, I notice that there is not much info on the Web UI or even in the logs to see what it happening. What would be the best way to debug this ? Or do you have an idea of what is wrong with my test ?

I did enter the right MAC address of the phone in the endpoint manager, it can oblviously find the server (it would not fall on the right extension by coincidence). But why can’t it register properly ?

Any pointer would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


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