Help to configure my analogic gateway

Hello everybody!

I have a freepbx server in my environment installed in a VM, I already have all the extensions created and most of them are already working on the digital hardphones.
I’m having problems connecting my analog gateway to work with freepbx… currently I have about 15 analog phones pointing to the ip of that gateway (Handphone gateway - IP:, my problem is when connecting the extensions, I did a test with an extension and it registers normally, however when calling this analog extension from another digital extension, the call reaches the analog and is answered, but on the digital it continues calling as if no one had answered on the other side. For the person who answered the analogue extension, the call is mute… Another strange point is that after this attempt, the analogic extension disconnects from the gateway and consequently from the pabx. When this happens, we can only connect an analogue extension to the gateway by restarting it, and changing the ip from to another like and so on.

It is worth remembering that there is no chance that another device on my network is picking up this range from to because there is no DHCP created for this, it is only manually set.
And the extensions that represent the analog, connect and register normally through the softphone (3cx for example).

If anyone can give me a light on what it could be I would appreciate it! I am available to send more information about my internal network and the like.


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