down due to expired cert

Needed to open a ticket this afternoon and I could not…

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Thanks for the report. It’s being worked on.


You apparently have some unusually strict security settings in your browser. I had no trouble proceeding past the error and visiting in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. If you have any of those you should be able to open the ticket now.

I use Brave by default.

The cert was expired, but had been fixed pretty much by the time of the post above. It took a while to work it’s way thru some caching, some people saw the fix before others.

Working for me now.

You should, at least, read the details of the certificate before proceeding, and check that you are dealing with one that has just expired, rather than an ancient one, that a hacker might have acquired.

I could imagine that some organisations have security policies that forbid even that. When dealing with naive users the only really safe policy is to say never proceed past a certificate error.


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