Help! Return to IVR after VM requires Two VM's / Double VM's

This issue was discussed 22 months ago: “Double VM after set IVR to retn after VM

Having the same issues as detailed by @markcrobinson

With the “Return to IVR after VM” option checked, calling an extension either through directory, direct dial or as an option in the IVR causes the VM app to require two VM’s be left (i.e. press # to end recording and press 1 to accept the message) before it properly exits and returns to the IVR menu.

If the option in the IVR menu is directed at the voicemail of the extension, then pressing # and 1 after leaving a messages properly exits voicemail and returns to the IVR.

I’ve duplicated the results of Mark’s tests. (see above link for his 3 tests)

If anyone has an idea how to direct dial an extension from an IVR, have it ring a few times and go to VM, and for VM to require only one VM be left before exiting to the IVR, it would be greatly appreciated!

Running Centos6, FreePBX 12.0.65, Asterisk 11.17.1

Note: the “review” feature is enabled on these VM box’s so that callers are prompted to 1-accept, 2-review, 3-re-record, and 4-mark as urgent after pressing # to end recording.