Help quick!

where can i find great trixbox and freepbx help… I just need a little help setting up my trunks.


Why on earth would you use a TRUNK to connect to an ATA? This is unbelievably wrong*. Grab a copy of Elastix without Tears or PiaF without Tears (free ebooks, use Google to locate) and read up on setting up a SIP EXTENSION.

what on earth are you talking about!! are you reading my post correct! sorry I’m new to the voip game!


Being new does not exclude you from getting educated, doing some research and reading on how to use things before diving in. Both links provided are very good. Before you go configuring things it helps to understand what those things are (trunks, extensions, etc) and how they work or don’t work together.

What you are doing is like taking your car with a trailer hitch on it and attempting to back up to a tractor trailer and attempt to drive away with it. The concept might work if all you knew was the labels of trailer hitch and trailer but in reality it does not.

Whats with you flipping internet Geeks!! Obviously I same to this forum to get educated more! If you don’t want to help then just don’t reply for Christ sake!! because at the end of the day maybe my dumb forum question will help someone else who hardly knows anything about this stuff! so get lost!!

muteiny1, You need to take your childish self on down the road.

To post the way you post you are never going to get any help, the fact you do not take the time to read and maybe just maybe learn something when you do, will get you no where fast.
you said
"I same to this forum to get educated more!"

well I really hate to break it to you but no one can teach you a thing, you must LEARN, and the first thing you need to learn is how to learn.

Shoo now… go on back to your warcraft or wartcraft or whatever it is you kids play now days. Come back after you have read the docs and then you can ask a “educated” question.

Being overly defensive and stroppy with forum contributors is typically seen as the hard way of getting assistance, but YMMV.
Given you’ve managed to alienate two of our more knowledgeable members, you may find getting other members willing to give their spare time for you a bit more, hmm, challenging ?

Maybe you should go read up on the subject, those links provided are a very good start.
I’d also recommend reading this post:

Most of us are not ‘Internet Geeks’, but rather industry professionals who work a long day, and then give their spare time, advice and experience freely.

Alternatively, if you’re out of your depth, try out the paid support option.

And finally, because we’re in telephony not telepathy, when posting, make some effort to mention:
Post title should be relevant. Help,quick! as title gives no indication of the problem, and gives the impression you can’t be bothered to outline the problem.
What system you’re using - PiAF, FreePBX, Trixbox
Which VSP you are using,
What hardware you are using,
What version of Asterisk you are using
and if relevant, log files.

Being new doesn’t exonerate you from these things, and trying to use it as an excuse tells us more about you than you probably care for.
Every single one of us was new at one stage, and 80% of this forum is filled with new user requests, most of whom get a timely answer.

So, we’d like to help you, really we would, but you need to be willing to help yourself.
I hope you’re able to take this advice in the manner it was intended.

All u guys can Blow me!! I’ll take my business elsewhere

yet another I can’t get to work post…

I wonder if it was his car that was broken or he needed to learn how to ride a bike. But since he never provided any details and expected us to just know how he was setup and why it was not working…

The way you get help is by being nice, providing details about the specific issue and reading what people point you to and alstly and most important answering the questions asked of you. Good luck, it’s the same on most other boards.

If you want to be baby sat though setting up a system hire somebody, don’t come acting like you are entitled to us dropping everything and helping you when you are not paying us. Heck I help and answer questions because others did when I was new but I was not one who acted like you when I was. Now I do it in my spare moments at work because I feel that I owe it to pay back all those that help me years ago.

Good luck on the trixbox site, they fired or let go all the decent help a while ago.

fskrotzki - I still help there<> I would not have helped this guy either

muteiny - With that attitude you won’t get far not here not anywhere. Read the documentation and forum posts then ask a specific question (nicely). Take your business elsewhere?? What business??

Well said…