Help Provisioning Yealink T46G

I am trying to provision some Yealink T46G phones using FreePBX. Closest option in the endpoint manager is the T38. And that works to get a phone up and working on the PBX. What I cannot get working - at all - is programming the speed dial keys/extensions on the phones. The line 1 button always has the name of the extension, and no other keys ever show up.

I’ve tried switching manually from the T38 files generated by FreePBX to the files Yealink provides for provisioning a T46G, where the main difference seems to be that they specify keys using these options:

linekey.1.line = 1
linekey.1.value = 101
linekey.1.pickup_value = *78
linekey.1.type = 16
linekey.1.label = Jim

Whereas the template generated by FreePBX uses this format:

memory11.Line =
memory11.type =
memory11.DKtype = 15
memory11.Value =
memory11.Label =

Any clues on how to get these phones provisioned and have all the line keys assigned to show other users extensions is much appreciated!

The T4X phones change the config files drastically. We are working on getting support in the next couple weeks in the Commercial EPM for them. Not sure the plans for the OSS one.

I am using the OSS EPM. I would pay the $25 in a heartbeat to get the Commercial EPM if it had support for the T46G today. And I may do so after support is added - but unfortunately, I’ve got to get the new phone system operational by the end of the month. So looks like I am stuck editing the Yealink provided CFG files by hand…

Ok - I’ve got the phones working. Had to go back to the stock Yealink CFG files for the T46G. I think I had some stuff from the OSS EPM in there that was causing problems, due to the huge number of changes they apparently made in the CFG format for the T46G.


We plan on having support in the next 2 weeks for the T4G2 and T46G phones. They phones are here and waiting for the developer to finish up what is is currently doing in EPM.

Good to know Tony. I’ll keep an eye out for the update.


Any news? What module can i use to manage them? I use digium phones for my d70 and is really amazing :slight_smile:

How is the Commercial EPM, is it worth the $, just asking, no offense meant, just wondering if it provides a lot of bang for the buck? I am having a heck of a time trying to get these Yealinks to auto-provision, may be the Commercial EPM would help? Is there a trial period?

When will the Yealink T46G be available for update in the freePBX? If not yet, Jim, do you have the file you created to get T46G working, “stock Yealink CFG files for the T46G”?

Its been in the Commercial EPM for weeks now. Not sure on the OSS one as we dont manage that.

I feel its awesome but I am biased. No their is no trial and we price it cheap to make it a no brainer. You can review the whole admin guide here.