HELP PLEASE.... Freepbx 13 - Presence Module missing

Hi There

Using distro 6.12.65, 64-bit. Installed on standalone (not virtual) PC. All working…both SIP and WebTC.

The UCP doesn’t seem to have options for Presence indication any more. Is this a change to the system or is there something I need to enable to display this?



Investigating further…

The Presence State module is completely missing from the Module Admin list. Checking online doesn’t reveal it either.

Anyone know where I can download it from???

It’s now in the repos.

sorry to be a nuisance…

don’t suppose you could be a little bit more specific? I have no idea where the repo’s are.


Check online It will be there now.

awesome. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ve installed it but it’s still not showing in the UCP. Do I need to configure anything else for this to work?

Found it… there are a number of options under User Manager (in the UCP section) which don’t display any descriptions as to what they are. I ticked them all and now everything is available. :slight_smile:

Yup. Alpha software will do that to you.

Hahaha gotta love an Alpha. :slight_smile: