Help on registering SIP Gateway from ISP

I’m having problem with my setup.

The setup is Freepbx>router/firewall>SIP Gateway. I already setup NAT, and I can ping the SIP gateway from Freepbx. I’m going an ‘unreachable’ msg from the reporting.

this is my SIP settings:


There is no authentication given by the ISP, just a /30 network.

Please documeny your networking more fully, if the host is at

and it is a /30 network, then the interface your pbx connects to the gateway needs to have its ip

is this so?

Hello dicko,

Good day.

the setup is freepbx( is connected to the one interface of router/firewall( which is NAT-ted into another interface of router/firewall( that connects to SIP gateway(

I can ping the SIP gateway of freepbx. I don’t have access into SIP gateway.

There is just an IP address provided by the VOIP ISP(

is NOT an IP., it is a network, you need a route between and the providing host in that network, you also need an IP address in routed back to generally that is done with a dedicated connection and an added route between the networks, but you might try

ip address add dev eth0

as root where eth0 is your LAN interface name and the SIP server is at 237, ( I will wait for the cry’s of woe here . . . :slight_smile: )

Will try it. Thanks. Currently, we connected the Freepbx ( into SIP gateway( along with laptop( to access the GUI of freepbx using a switch; we can ping the SIP gateway from Freepbx. Still getting an ‘unreachable’ msg.

If the router/firewall is NAT’ing your FreePBX to The SIP server’s network, you need it to symmetrically NAT the SIP server back to the FreePBX’s network to get two way communication. Much better to correctly route the twonetworks through your router.

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