Help needed setting up MOH refresh

Hay everyone,

I’m fairly new to Asterisk/FreePBX and have set up streaming hold music =)

All fine and dandy until… My ISP keeps refreshing the line every so often so hold music goes dead and you hear nothing. SO, obviously I tried to Google the issue first and can only find 1 guide to helping sort the issue out: (it wont let me post this as im a new user so heres the extension, add the url on to get there) /t/moh-streaming-refresh/15576

I’ve tried to look for where to put the refresh every hour script but before i go in and probably mess up my configuration please can someone guide me through the correct place the put it in the cronjob file and how to access cronjob via ssh (All I know is i might need to use nano xx/xx/xxxx to get there)

thank you everyone! =-)

Not sure what you mean here. Streaming music shouldn’t die after an hour, unless there’s a timeout on one of your routers.

The command to edit a cron job from the console (logged in as ‘root’) is “crontab -e -u asterisk”

From there, you will end up in the crontab file for asterisk in the nano editor.

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