Help Needed in Sending DTMF 'AFTER' call is bridged


I need to find a way to send some DTMF strings both ways ( caller and callee ) WHILE they are IN a call.

Is there some automated way to do this ?

Using the D option with the Dial command only sends the DTMF BEFORE the call is bridged ( i.e. no audio is passed except the DTMF )

I tried using the M option with a macro containing the commands
exten => s,1,Answer
exten => s,n,SendDTMF(1234)

but it still shows ringing while the DTMF is being sent.

The G option works( i.e. the soft phone shows that the call is connected ), but immediately after the DTMF is sent, the call gets disconnected as it doesn’t return. I tried to GOTO back using
exten => s,n,Goto(${OUT_${DIAL_TRUNK}}/${OUTNUM})
but nothing.

I am using the FreePBX/Asterisk as a trunk.

Somebody posted somewhere that it can be done using Asterisk AMI.

Can someone please explain on HOW to do this i.e. Send DTMF after a call is bridged using Asterisk AMI ?

The send DTMF only sends DTMF down the outside channel with the AMI

So, is there any way to Send DTMF like I want ? ( After a call is bridged and during audio communication between the caller & the callee )