Help me with "Flash" key issue - Freepbx / ATA Grandstream HT814

Dear friends, I’m running FreePBX in a local machine.
I have created 4 PJSIP extensions under setup page and i’m using a Grandstrem HT814 where all extensions are running. I can call any extension with no problems.

I’m just concerned with this behavor:
My extensions numbers are 201, 202, 203, 204

If extension number 201 (Robert) calls extension 202(Jhon) , both calling parties can listen and talk perfeclty. Robert was wishing to call jhon, but he wasn’t in the room and alex placed the call. Alex know that jhon is in the next room where the extension is 204. In my opinion, in a normal situation, when Alex press flash key, Robert would listen to hold music, when Alex would dialing to extension 204 and sayng to jhon that Robert wishes to talk to him, so when Alex puts his phone on hook, the connection between robert and jhoh, now on extension 204 would be stabilished. It’s not happening to me. When Alex presses flash key, both Robert and Alex begin listenin a dial tone, so when alex dial 204, both listen calling tone and when jhon picks up the extension 204 both listen the conversation, like in a conference.
Can someone please help me on how solving it ?

Many thanks

There are many settings in the HT814 dealing with hook flash. My guess is that you should try:
Disable Bellcore Style 3-Way Conference: Yes (though the manual is unclear)
Send Hook Flash Event: No
Flash Digit Control: No
Callee Flash to 3WC: No
Enable Hook Flash: Yes

You might also enable Transfer on Conference Hang-up, so if Alex flashes again so all three can talk, he can then hang up and Robert and John can continue talking.

Many thanks for your reply!! Settings are exactly like your suggetion but it is not working well. Fimrware is updated. I also tried to reset to factory settings and began setting up again. The problem still persists. I’m concerned because prior to try Freepbx i was using 3CX and it was working well with it. I also have an SPA2102 and a PAP2 Cisco. Wen using these ones, the behavior is different… It Mutes calling party and i can listen a dial tone but the calling party does not hear music on hold. Another problem: The internal call duration is falling quickly. I can speak with my party for just 30, 40 seconds… Should it be some problem with my installation? I had to proceed to that automatic installation once my video card and monitor TV was not compatible with its graphical installation.
I was planning to migrate to Linux and Freepbx instead of 3CX structure, but i’m finding kindly difficult to keep it running well :sob:

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