Help me understand these products

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Help me understand… :slight_smile:

I’m guessing there is some overlap between products, I have a PBXact system with most modules purchased/installed.

For all of these products… What does this do? Do I need it? Has it been superseded by something else in the Sangoma line?

iSymphony - Looks like a trial version is installed. Wiki last updated in 2016, sends you to, looks like last update was June 2020.

XactView - Looks like a trial version is installed. Wiki last updated May 2020. Is this meant for admins or users? I can’t seem to login as either, using MS AD accounts.

Zulu - I have several users using this with great success. Seems to be getting replaced by cloud based Sangoma Connect which doesn’t have all of the same features. What’s the roadmap look like for Zulu?

Sangoma Connect - No PC support. Is this meant to co-exist with Zulu?

Sorry this post is a bit all over the place. I’m working with a relatively new install that first needs to primarily be a phone system, which it does great. All of the other communication/management tools might be a good fit…I just don’t want to mistakenly be trying to make something work that is only here for supporting older installs and aren’t really getting any updates.

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iSymphony - A dashboard for seeing what extensions/calls are doing system, seeing live calls, queues, agents etc. Published by i9 see their pages for info.

Xactview - is similar to iSymphony for PBXact systems only.

Zulu - desktop soft client as well as a now deprecated mobile soft client

Sangoma Connect - Currently available as a mobile client only and is intended to replace Zulu mobile.

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So the ability for mobile users to chat is going away? I know there’s the XMPP capability…but adding another client into the mix is messy.

Xactview - As I’ve got PBXact iSymphony isn’t really needed I guess. It looks like there is overlap with UCP and Xactview, or am I missing something?

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