Help me to config local call

Dear all,
I am form VietNam, my english no good. I want config may PBX 1200 : some number (Receptionist) can call outside and some number (Laundry) only call in local.
But I dont know the poisition to config.
Please help me to solve. Thank you alot !

PBX 1200 is a large system, typically for several hundred users. Is this an existing production system, where you want to change the restrictions for just one extension? Or, are you setting up a new system and want to know how to set up calling restrictions in general?

There are three common ways of handling calling restrictions:

  1. If the rules are very simple, just put a number or pattern in the CallerID field of an Outbound Route pattern. For example, if you set CallerID to 1XXX, only extensions 1000 through 1999 are allowed to call via that route.

  2. For more complex setups, see Extension Routing | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring .

  3. If you also need to control access to feature codes, for example to limit who can use call forwarding or do-not-disturb, see Class of Service | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring .

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