Help me tackle a paging problem

My original plan was to setup my 80+ phones at my main location plus a SNOM Pa1 to page to all phones and the speakers on my amp system. However now I have read that the 80 phones wont work in a paging group that size very well. So I went on to setup multicast paging on my phones and on my snom pa1. I wanted to setup one page to both PA system and phones, whoever I cannot get SNOM Pa1 and Polycom phones to multicast together, when the polycom phones are sending the mutlicast.

Another problem is that I have a remote location with 25 - 35 phones and a speaker system that I would also like to page from one receptionist extension at the main location.

How would you guys go about getting this working? Just make the receiptionist page twice one for phones and one for snom pa1?

Let me know how someone that has done this before would pull this off.

Running asterisk 11


To multicast just make sure all devices are set to use the same multicast address and port, if you send rtp to that pair, all listeners will hear it.

That is what I did and for whatever reason Snom PA1 does not pick it up from the Sound point polycom 335 phones.

One doesn’t “pick it up” from a phone, one “pick’s it up” from the network, start to debug with tcpdump to see what is actually available on the network.

Most enterprise routers support multicast forwarding. If you don’t have a private line between the locations (or some type of L2 pseudo wire service or MPLS) then you need to setup a VPN with multicast forwarding.

It works much in the same fashion as a DHCP helper.