Help installing on Mac OS X Server

So I’m attempting to setup Asterisk 10 & FreePBX 2.10 on my spare XServe G5, running OSX Server 10.5.8.

After downloading the Mac OS X Developer tools, and compliing and installing Asterisk 10.7.1 from source successfully, I’ve had some mega problems installing FreePBX.

1st off, not sure if it’s part of the problem, but when installing Asterisk, the /usr/sbin/safe_asterisk script wasn’t installed.
Not that big of a deal, I copied it over from the source tarball, edited the variables and chmod +x and got it to run… sort of. It was complaining about not being able to find the correct tty, so I commented those lines out and then was running asterisk.

FreePBX was a whole other animal, as it 1st was complaining about pear not being installed. So I installed pear and pear::DB and ran ./install_amp with the proper switches pointing it to my mysql database, and manager.conf username as well as the Mac OS X web root /Library/WebServer/Documents.
I ran into this bug:
and then looked at the patch, and modified the install_amp source code, but then I ran into lots of errors where it was complaining that it couldn’t connect to the asterisk manager interface, even though my manager.conf was setup correctly and i passed the correct user and password back to the installer script. As well as tons of errors regarding setting permissions on tty9…
It seemed to finish, but was mostly broken, there was no /usr/sbin/amportal binary installed, and the GUI had no pretty interface, it was missing all of that and was all plain-text.

So at this point, I don’t know if Mac OS X 10.5.8 isn’t supported for FreePBX, or if I’m missing some prerequisites… I’m curious if anyone else out there has setup FreePBX on Mac OS X. Worse case, I’ll have to load YellowDog Linux, as I’ve successfully built Asterisk and FreePBX on LinuxPPC in the past.

Any insight is appreciated!

Your gona need a TON of modifications to get FreePBX to run properly on OS X. Unfortunately, it’s not currently very platform neutral (were heavily biased towards centos).

Moshe - Thanks for the comments, I quickly found that out when doing my testing. I even found a bug where Asterisk takes 100% of the CPU and had to add a patch into the pbx/pbx_spool.c file to keep it settled down.
I eventually started messing with Asterisk-GUI (which is terrible) and then finally I threw a copy of YellowDog 6.2 (which is similar to Centos 5) on the box and compiled DAHDI, Asterisk 1.8.16 and the latest FreePBX 2.10.
It all runs great on PowerPC! Just needs to be Linux.

Hi Hbonath… That is excellent news for me! I’m currently running Asterisk on a VM on a Windows 2008 Server but it is so SSLLOOWW!
I’ve got another machine lying around and have done some searching on the internet and have managed to get YellowDog installs. Thats it. That is as far as I got… So - HELP : What do you mean "compiled DAHDI, Asterisk… HOW do I do that? I’m a total Linux virgin… so I’d be eternally greatful for your help. :slight_smile:

I have some tips for setting everything up on PPC. Since my posting the above thread, I’ve switched my Linux out from YellowDog to Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS.
For a linux newbie, my process isn’t the simplest, I’ve had to download the source code from the asterisk site, as well as freepbx, then build asterisk using the gcc and make.
I’m having great success with Ubuntu, my home system actually runs on an old 1.25Ghz PowerBook G4 and runs well. (Granted, it doesn’t see a lot of action)

Let me know if you would like some more help with this, I’m happy to post my processes to share with the community.
I’m not sure how useful to the world running Asterisk on old Apple hardware is, but as for me, I actually don’t have any older x86 hardware, only PowerPC so necessity wins.

In a nutshell - YES! I basically want the Mac Mini that I have had sitting around collecting dust for the past 2 years to run Asterisk with either FreePBX or Incredible PBX. That is all it needs to do! So I’d be great full for any help. A type this, do that type of thing would be good. I’ve started to get the hang of Yellow Dog. If you’ve got it running on Ubuntu, then I’ll down load the ISO and put that on the mac… Yipee (how sad am I)?