Help in installation of freepbx 15

Hi all
I’m trying to install freepbx 15 on OVH dedicated server using proxmox virtualization os . I created VM for freepbx . I installed the system after the reboot i can’t ping my freepbx vm . The google ping also fails from the VM .
I use static IP address for freepbx installation .
I checked the network configuration many times
vi /et/sysconfing/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
Also i checked resolv.conf file
Booth of them looking good
If any one can help fixing this issue i’ll appreciate .

Is the firewall blocking?

no i checked

how did you check?

I stopped the firewall complettely

sngrep is a good tool to see if ANY SIP traffic is incoming or outgoing

The freepbx server can’t ping google or gateway ,during the installation the server reply to ping but after the reboot the server stopped reply to ping .

you will have to fix that, nothing to do with FreePBX.

You mean this is network issue ?not freepbx issue ?


Thnks dicko for the reply , i’ll try with OVH support team to fix this issue .
i’ll also post the solution here when i found it to help any one face the same issue .

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Hi all
After a long search and many tries with Jessica F. from OVH support finally we could make it works .All we need is to create a static routing file in the following path :
xx.xx.xx.254 dev eth0
default via xx.xx.xx.254 dev eth0

Also we add the MAC address in the path :
You will need to add google DNS in /etc/resolv.conf file
Now this issue is solved .
Many thanks to Dicko who reply to me fast and try to provide help .

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