HELP! I have a Fortigate 90D and can’t receive incoming calls and outgoing have no incoming audio

I just bought a Fortigate 90D. This replaced the router that our ISP provided us that was just not cutting it anymore. I have FreePBX 12 running for almost the last year with no problems.

I am pretty new to Fortigate but not to networking or FreePBX. I set up a policy to allow 5060 UDP and TCP to be forwarded to the FreePBX server. I did the same with 10000-20000. I can make calls internal->external but no audio from external->internal. I also cannot receive calls external->internal.

I have googled and googled and can’t find any info on what I need to do. I disable the Fortigate SIP helper feature like everyone said but that didn’t do anything. I need to get this working by the time business opens on Monday morning. I have 30 employees that need to jump on the phones at 9am. HELP! Thank you!

I hate to say “check the archives”, but this is a classic NAT problem. Forwarding the traffic from the Fortigate is the right first step.

Log into your server and set up the “NAT” options in your SIP connection.

After that (or before, the order isn’t super important). go to settings and make sure you are set up for running from a NAT connection.

Check back through the archives, though. This has been covered a thousand times (a few dozen just for me).

Not sure if works for your specific model, but you may need to disable the SIP ALG.

Under SIP settings you need to specify the server’s public IP. I think it defaults to the LAN IP.