Help - I cannot call internal extensions & PSTN lines setup

I have installed FreePBX through PiaF. Almost everything seems to work - VM, IVR (when called internally), extensions etc. All the setup looks ok to me but I’m sure I’m missing something.

When I try to call extension to extension I get the unavailable VM message immediately. It does not ring the phones. I’m using Linksys SPA-942 phones and x-lite if that makes any difference.

I am also trying to setup 2 Patton SN-4114 4 port FXO gateways (I have 7 PSTN lines). I have the patton config from someone but I’m not sure how to configure in FreePBX. Any pointers on that?

Thanks for the help

I am downloading the manual to that product… a 5.5MB PDF that has trouble getting past the first two MB… What does your patton config look like?

From what has downloaded so far, I see that there are a lot of features that are possible with the device… 7 DID’s with different DID’s? Or what?

to find that you config FXO in the the little box’s CLI and do a command that looks like:

node(ctx-cs)[switch]#interface fxo PSTN-FALLBACK

changing “FALLBACK” to some other value.

Of course this is after each unit gets an IP and you make sure the DHCP server on these is OFF.

Then I’d image you would built a SIP trunk in freepbx and point it at the little box. And visa versa.

655 pages… Ouch.

I have the configs for the Pattons done (from patton support) and now I just need to configure freepbx to connect to them 2 pattons? How do I do that?

I setup 2 trunks - 1 for each patton but I don’t know how to get calls pushed to the devices? I have the outbound route going to both devices. Just not sure where to define the IP’s of the patton.

I am trying to do the same thing. I have managed to make outbound calls but not receive inbound. I obtained a config file from the 3cx windows pbx system and then used it with the FreePBX trunk settings. I was unable to find a suitable config file on the patton web site. You seem to need a trunk for each FXO port on the patton. I could send you my config file althought you will need to change the IP address and the dial codes are for the UK

Can you post the Patton configurations you are using?

any patton config file would be appreciated, also corresponding sip trunk config would be nice to see.