Help! How to install a2billing

Hi Masters…

Need help to install a2billing to my FREEPBX server…

You provided no information, what is your issue? You need to tell us about tour system and what you have done. Most folks, including me, just pay the a2billing guys to do the job.

SkykingOH,do you know the free one ?
I want to setup for my home…
All set and aleardy work fine (extension, IVR)

A strange request as:-

is pretty self expanatory, Which bit don’t you understand?

Apart from

“Install Asterisk with Asterisk Realtime . . .”

jroper et al at

are more than capapable of helping you install their software and debug it.

FreePBX does not directly support Asterisk Realtime, but the guys at A2billing will happily help you get passed that, or are you asking , as I suspect, that someone else to do your work for you for free, at your home, so you can do what?, sell your parents and sisters prepaid calling cards??

PM i will assist you in detail

Hi Ronald,
I recommend you to install Asterisk from a binary then configure asterisk to work in realtime, I think this is the hard thing to do (but not impossible :wink: ).

Then follow the manual a2billing.

Tomorrow I will try to install it in a server at home with Debian/Ubuntu. I will try to post my results.

Ivan Carrasco Q.