Help...Help can not make or recieve calls in trixbox with isp static

I just move my UTM 25 netgear router from my home to my office, it works great at home I have open all of the ports and using my ISP IP. At the office I have a static IP from my ISP, flowroute is my provider, the trixbox is rejester with flow route. When I place a call I get a recording all circuit are busy, when I place a call from my cell to my VOIP I get a recording please check the number and try again. I spoke with my provider and they said that they can see the call coming to my trixbox.

I check my inbound routs it is config right, my ext out bound routes are all good. Sig.nat conf is as follow


Please help me, thank you.

trixbox is not FreePBX, it was forked from FreePBX. The project is now abandoned…

Your first step should be to take a look at our trixbox upgrade script and see if that is for you. If not a fresh install, import the extensions and perform the rest of the config from hand.

You will be very happy you did when you see the power, simplicity and stability of the new version.

It was a fresh install, I reconfig the freepbx but still can not call out nor recieve any calls. so I took my voip gxp 2100 from my home and plug it into the utm router at the office using the freepbx from home and it work great, I just can’t seems to get the office freepbx to work. I check the net, the inbound routes still notting worked.