Help - Dialing Out

Good afternoon To You All,

I need your help, I just purchase a Cisco IP Phone 7960. I already configure the SIP file on the PBX.

I have a dial tone but I can communicate internal or external. When I dial internal or external number the screen display’s "Calling (out INV)"
When I dial to the extension I get a message: the person at extension XXXX is unavailable…

In the LCD phone display shows the extension number and small X on the size.

What else I need to do to make this phone work.


Google is your friend.

You need to configure the phone to support the SIP protocol to start as most of the time they are configured for sccp (unless you re-configure asterisk for sccp protocol).

But a quick trip to google would have told you this. along with what is needed to convert it to SIP, and how to configure your TFTP server to support the phone and all the other details.

Another site to look at that is (you would have found if you used google) has all the information, directions, etc.
take a look at