Help creating a survey module

how to start in creating a simple survey module.

Has anyone created something where they can setup a simple question/answer survey and record numeric keypad input.
Basically you enter the IVR it prompts you for input for the First question. “Zipcode”> user keypad input,
Next question “Age”> user keypad input
Next question “Street Number”> user keypad input
Next question “Amount of widgets sold”…input

You get the idea.
I want to record the survey results into a daily incoming log in csv.

Has anyone done something like this? Or what module could I look at that does something close?
Any recommendations where to start?


I’d be happy finding one I could purchase… I have a client that is looking for individual, emailed results per surveyed customer.

Creating the IVR would be easy enough (though messy), but recording the data in a usable form is the trick!

I’d kick in $20 to a bounty to get this code committed to FreePBX

Let me know where you need me to send the money once the code gets approved.