Help configuring virtual office

Hello community.

My boss assigned me an asterisk+freepbx project and i have a few doubts about it, i hope you could please help me with them.

I have to do a virtual office, it’s similar to a call center.

This virtual office have 60 different phone numbers, one for each company, all these phone numbers are redirected to the same extension (secretary) then the secretary will send the calls to the propper extension of that company.

Secretary must see the caller phone number and the destination phone number tagged with the company name they are calling.

So here are my questions: How to redirect all the 60 pstn numbers to the same extension? And how to tag each number with its company name? And the last question, how to show the company name on the secretary’s phone?

Please help me, my job deppends on you.

Thanks in advance.


What type of trunking are you using for the inbound calls?

You will need 60 inbound routes (one for each number). Prepend some type of identifier to the caller ID of each number so the secretary will know how to route the call. the secretary can then transfer the call to the correct person.

You will also need to add 60 Direct Inward Dial lines to the server so you can identify what line they called in on.

No worries, a SIP trunk (Internet phone line) with 2 call paths and 60 numbers cost about the same as 2 traditional phone lines.


A lot of thanks for your fast and accurate answer. I really love this community.

I have a SIP trunk.

If I had further problems I will let you know.



It is working great, I filled the following fields: DID number and CID name prefix in inbound routes. I set destination to the secretary’s extension.

But now I have a new problem, please take a look at this scene.

Secretary; Extension 200.

Fake Company S.A.; Extension 222. 902 123 123

FreePBX Company S.A.; Extension 444. 902 666 666

If someone is calling to “Fake Company S.A.” 902 123 123 , the call must be routed firstly to the secretary’s extension and if she is unavaiable it has to be routed to the 222 extension.

If someone is calling to “FreePBX Company S.A.” 902 666 666 , the call must be routed firstly to the secretary’s extension but if she is unavaiable it has to be routed to the 444 extension.

How could I do this?

Thanks in advance again.


Create a separate Ring Group for each situation with just the Secretary’s extension, set the desired timeout period, then pick the appropriate “Destination if no answer” as the extension you want to go next. You may or may not want to use the “skip busy agents” option which will skip the Secretary if s/he is on the phone already.