Help configuring SIP trunk

Hello everyone, sorry for my post, I’m new in this area and I need help to configure the trunk provided by the ISP, i will try to give all the information below. Thanks and sorry for the post again.

1.I have a Freepbx machine in Hyper-V environment(FreePBX
2.Eth0 is configured with the ip provided from the ISP(
3.Eth1 is configured with my local ip address(

Freepbx Version: FreePBX

The ISP provider gave me the fallowing settings:

Local DNS : IP SBC =>
Add: static route Gateway to
Add: “User = phone” in header SIP “TO”

-        user=phone parameter must exist  in To/From fields
  •    Proxy IP:
  •    allowed codecs: G.711a/u, G.729
  •    numbering plan is international (+40)
  •    the entry -> must be added in the local dns table
  •    used domain:

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