Help configuring FreePBX trunk with Flyingvoice 5120 FXO

i have this situation. Fritzbox router with dual FXS output configured with the same telephone number (if I connect an analog telephone the lines work correctly).
Flyingvoice 5120 with 2 FXO inputs connected to the Fritzbox FXS router outputs. Cloud with FreePBX 15. I correctly configured 1 outgoing trunk and 1 incoming line and it works great, the problem is when I go to configure the second line, FreePBX stops working. The VoIP line has a single national number but dual channels, so it has the ability to receive two calls at the same time.
Can anyone help me with the setup?
Thank you.

I solved by bypassing the problem. As also explained on this link need an additional telephone line to make the incoming call route work correctly. But now the problem is with the outgoing calls: I can’t make more than 1 outgoing call even if I have configured the double outgoing route with a different CID. Where am I wrong?

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