HELP! Complex Time Conditions and Inbound Routing

Hi all!

I have a client who would like some COMPLEX call routing going on. He would like to have 3 different time groupings:

  1. Normal Office Hours: 9am - 5pm; GO TO IVR
  2. Night Hours (Odd) : Call forward to M; USING AN ANNOUCEMENT
  3. Night Hours (Even): Call forward to A; USING AN ANNOUCEMENT

Is this even possible? I’m searching and searching, but I really don’t see how this will work.

So far, I have the time groupings organized as above, with M having all the even hour slots during the night , and A having all the odd and the office hours. I also have time conditions set up, with one condition for office hours, failing over to itself, and condition M failing over to condition A, and condition A failing over to condition M.

But now I’m stuck, because somehow, I’ll need to have the three time conditions all hooked up to one IVR which would then be hooked up to an Inbound route. The reason its one IVR is because

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated in this situation… Any help

Right off hand I can think of 2 options…

Option 1 - create a time condition for each even hour and each odd hour and point them to wherever you like

Option 2 - have the night hours go to an agi script that will determine where to send the caller to

I have a similar situation. I have 5 different after hours destinations and I would like to setup a way that an “end user” can pick which route will be the active one. Any suggestions?
Please explain the AGI script option to me.

What you want to do is doable, although it will be somewhat tedious. I’d map it all out on paper first and then start building it from there.

I suppose that your client is trying to distribute the off-hours calls fairly between his two on call persons.

You may be able to offer your client a better way to do this using the ACD features that are built in.

Using queue function and setting up the proper ring strategy, you can have the system alternate between the two, that might be even more “magic” for your client.

Not saying that you have to do it that way, as you can certainly do it with time conditions, but it will be complex, and with an increase in complexity comes the greater chance for errors.