Help cannot receive incoming calls

Hi, since a week ago I could not get any incoming calls. Outgoing calls works perfectly. Since then I’ve messed around with all sorts of settings but did not get anywhere.
So I scrapped the server, which is a VM, and installed one from scratch. with minimal config.
Same thing, outgoing calls no problem, could not get incoming calls.
My SIP provider is and they don’t see anything wrong on their end.
i looked at the logs from the Asterisk Full logs, I don’t see any incoming activities. Is that the right place to look at the logs?

Where do I start troubleshooting the issue? Thanks so much.

Your firewall. Sounds like you haven’t correctly redirected the incoming traffic to the server.

Hi, i forwarded 4569 UDP to the server. Is there anything else to it? I use IAX2. thanks


Is your DID is forwarded to your IAX2 (sub)account in their web interface?

What was changed a week ago?

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Your SIP provider is, but you are trying to connect to them with IAX2?

From the “root” login on the console, can you do a ‘tcpdump -i eth0 port 4569’ and tell us what you see?

Hi Dave!

I use them as well and while they recommend using SIP (which is what I use) they do support IAX2…

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Cool with that. It sounds more and more like either a firewall problem or a routing problem.

Has anyone called them to find out what they think the problem is? They should be getting some kind of error when they try to connect.

Hi, when I listen to port 4569 and place a call I get a bunch of:

10:42:02.497192 IP > UDP, length 26
10:42:02.535789 IP > UDP, length 65
10:42:02.536326 IP > UDP, length 77
10:42:02.573633 IP > UDP, length 35
10:42:02.574167 IP > UDP, length 60
10:42:02.607503 IP > UDP, length 56
10:42:02.608194 IP > UDP, length 12

so it seems traffic does hit the server.
How do I look at the verbose incoming call log? thanks.

OK - that’s good. Can you do the same thing on the external interface of the firewall?

This looks like the traffic from your IAX service on the PBX to your firewall. If is your ITSP, you have a NAT problem, although the traffic does seem to be making it back to the PBX just fine.

Keep looking - it looks like the local network stuff is working.

Hi! is the reverse DNS entry of

Toronto 3, ON (

@kezhang, is your DID associated with that POP in their web interface?

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yes, I also belief it is a firewall / NAT or … ISP.
I noticed something wacky with my ISP. In their router the WAN interface it has both an IPv4 and IPv6 address. However, when I go to, it gives me an IPv6 address that is DIFFERENT than the one that shows on the WAN interface of the router modem.
In the past I’m sure I had an IPv4 address when I visit
This is Rogers…

Well, looks like your found a starting point. If you have your own firewall/Router, make sure the Rogers’ is set to bridge mode so that it passes EVERYTHING to your router and let’s IT decide what to do, Also, do you connect to ISP with PPPOE or is it DHCP? Bell uses PPPOE and if both MY router and Thier router create a connection, who knows where the incomming traffic will go,