Help an amateur with downloading a firmware update to a digium D80

I need to update the firmware for a D80. But I’m an amateur at this and dont entirely understand digiums guide.

  1. Obtain the IP of the phone by navigating to the about section on the screen.
    I have the IP address

  2. SSH into your Linux system or PBX system (Please note that not all asterisk base system allows SSH access, please use a third party linux server if this is the case)
    I can SSH into the freepbx

  3. Confirm connect to the phone by pinging the IP address , it’s very important that the system that is pushing the firmware has direct access to the phone.
    I can ping the phone

  4. Download and unpack the firmware version to be installed , you can obtain the available firmware by visiting
    I have it downloaded, but i’m not sure what it means by unpacked? does that mean unzip?

  5. Access the directory that the firmware was unpacked.
    I’m not sure how to do this

  6. Execute the following command: REMOVED BY ADMIN
    Haven’t got this far

  7. Ping the phone until it becomes unreachable and wait until it comes back. Once the phone is pingable you will have confirmation that the firmware update is complete.

Thank you for understanding that my knowledge is limited, and any help will be greatly appreciated

Help us help you. Where do you get lost?

I list my issues in the digium guide under each question. I meant to highlight them

First, you should probably be doing this from the PBX Console. Log into the console (or SSH in) as ‘root’ with the admin password you set when you built the system.

Yes. When you unzip it, the files get dropped into a directory. Unpack is the generic term in case the files are stored in in a Tar Zip or BZS2 file. Whatever program you need to break them out of the archive is what you’d use.

At the command prompt, ‘cd’ to the directory that was created.

When you do, just type the command at the command prompt, being sure to replace the stuff you need to (phone IP, for example) so that the phone gets updated.

After that, use the command “ping IP_OF_PHONE” and let it run. The phone will be there, then it won’t, then it will. Once the ping comes back, you should be good to go.

Since you are using Digium/Sangoma phones, you should be able to use Commercial EPM (which you get for free) to manage all of this for you.

so as far as I can tell I cant update the D80’s from the digium module in the pbx. I just realized I have another problem. I was wrong about being able to ping the phone. This freepbx server is hosted by someone and is offsite. The phone resides on an internal ip address, and the freepbx does not. How can I ping it from the terminal?

This is a “sysadmin” sort of operation, so all of the procedures are geared towards folks with access to the server. Without that, you’re going to get jammed up over and over again.

Now, having said that, FreePBX is free software and you can set up a system that’s there just to provision and upgrade your phones. It is was my installation, I’d look into that.

Unfortunately I am the closest thing to a sysadmin that we have. But i may be able to pass this off to our host

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I made a small edit to the first posting. Please forgive me.

If the firmware’s at least 1_4_0, then the phone has a built-in, special-purpose, firmware updating page accessible at:

http://ip of phone/firmware

The default login is admin and the default password is 789

If the phone has been previously provisioned to a server that’s enforcing firmware, then that page won’t allow access, and you’d have to factory default the phone in order for that page to open back up.
And, if you’re connecting it to a server that’s enforcing firmware, then whatever firmware it’s enforcing will be put on the phone when it contacts that server again.

If the firmware is not at 1_4_0 already, then you’ll have to use DPMA to load a new firmware onto the phone. I don’t have knowledge of EPM, so I can’t speak to it or how it might drive the DPMA config in order to achieve that. If it’s not EPM, then as far as DPMA’s concerned, you can use old-school type=firmware and then load that firmware onto the phone object in the DPMA config. Or, if EPM isn’t installed on your system you could use the older Digium Phones Add-on for FreePBX to write the DPMA config.

There’s a wealth of written material at:

Thank you! I believe the firmware page is going to work. I am currently out of office and can’t plug the D80 in, but I was able to access a D60s firmware page. I am going to read over all of that info!

In the event that you’re on a firmware prior to 1_4_0, there is another way to do it. D-Series phones can, in addition to discovering DPMA/Switchvox servers on the network, discover firmware servers, too. I wrote about it here:

All that requires is a running Avahi daemon, a service file that you write to point to the firmware, and an HTTP daemon to serve up the firmware. If the phone is on the same network segment as the system running Avahi, it’ll see the firmware service and you can connect to it - the phone will load what the service file defines.

I am currently on 1_4_1_1. Which firmware is the latest for the D80? I downloaded 1_0_0_44308 from the firmware page, but it only had up to a D70 as an option

I just realized I was looking at dowloands from oldest to newest

Downloaded 2_8_6 and D70 is still the highest option

Google “Digium Phones Firmware.” You’ll end up here:

Roll through the page and you’ll see that the latest non-beta, generally available release for the D80 is 1_10_0.

Per the top of that page, direct downloads come from:

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