Help, "amportal a ma installall" dont download core-

Hello, first i must say excuse my bad english… and now my problem.

I work in Centos 6.3, I am installing Asterisk 11 and FreePBX 2.11

I am following the guide to install asterisk and freepbx in the next link:

And i used:
amportal a ma installall

And give me the next error:
Please wait…

no repos specified, using: [standard] from last GUI settings

Up to date.
Installing core…
The following error(s) occured:

Well when I check the links in Firefox it´s work then I think cant donwload because i have a proxy. I cant remove the proxy and several times I solved problems in config archives.
For example with wget and svn I change directives to use proxy.

Then, you can say me where I can define a proxy to use?
I think this is the problem but if it isn’t right I hear other possibility.

Or some method to modify script to download a clean link or use other download program?

I hope you can help me.


I’ve just installed FreePBX 2.11 with Asterisk 11.1 and i’ve got the same problem. I’m working under a company proxy which doesn’t allow me to download the core via “amportal a ma instalall”.

wget, yum, svn works fine with the proxy, thought.

Any chance we could have a workaround ?

Thanks a lot !

I wonder if you can specify MODULEADMINWGET=true as an option somewhere.


I downloaded the core module and uploaded it via the web GUI. Works fine. I now can download and upload modules but i still can’t update modules via the GUI.

The MODULEADMINWGET variable is set to true.

I still don’t get why i can perform a successful wget in command line while FreePBX can’t update modules that way.

Any thoughts ?