Help adding "e" to Mitel 5330 to Endpoint Manager

I am writing to request help - seems simple but I’m struggling…

I am replacing a Mitel switch, and have many M5330e phones.

Endpoint Manager doesn’t list the M5330e model - just the M5330. When I build a config file for M5330 in Endpoint Manager, and just add the “e” to the model near the top of the config file - the resulting config file works fine with my M5330e phones - but the phone rejects a config file which doesn’t show M5330e.

I found a howto to insert M5330e phone into the asterisk MYSQL - which seems to work - but alas - when I update modules, it is gone.

Is there any way to kindly request that some kind person add M5330e to Endpoint Manager, duplicating the M5330 model?
(or tell me how to add it myself)

Pretty please…?

If you wish to make changes to the provisioning file content that survive, you must use the basefile edit feature:

It’s unlikely that the device will be officially supported by EPM.

thanks for the quick quick response. I tried that first - I can’t seem to get “deep” enough in there to edit/change/add model m5330e - i can only make changes BELOW that level. When I edit basefile first question is to choose which MODEL. I can’t add or change the m5330

maybe I’m missing it?

None of the Mitel is “officially supported” - just has been added to EPM as unsupported

maybe someone who CAN would kindly add 5330e unsupported also - is what I was asking

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