Hello Asterisk XIII

Are you ready? We know some folks like to live on the edge! The asterisk team announced Asterisk 13.0.0-beta1 last week while we were at FreePBX World.  This is the first Beta of what will become the next LTS version of Asterisk.  We will be rolling out RPM’s and an updated version switch script shortly. This will be available in our Beta track and with all things BETA should be considered broken as it relates to production use. If you make the jump and find any FreePBX 12 specific bugs please file a report at http://issues.FreePBX.org.

Thanks for using FreePBX

Anything new and important in it?

A bit. A quick summary is here:

Since there was active feature development done on 12 during its release cycle, there’s not a great delta between 12-branch and 13-branch, but there’s been plenty of work since 12.0.

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Just finished building and testing the RPMs. They are available for anyone on the 6.12.65 tracks of the FreePBX Distro.

Simply upgrade the asterisk-version-switch RPM to get the option to move to Asterisk 13 then you can run asterisk-version-switch and move to Asterisk 13.

yum update asterisk-version-switch This should upgrade you to version

then from Linux CLI asterisk-version-switch as outlined here. http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FD/Changing+Major+Asterisk+Versions+on+the+Fly

Happy testing