Having trouble loading dashboard on the Web UI when not connected to internet

I am having an issue loading the dashboard when logging into the Web UI when I am not connected to the internet. The page will act like it is loading, and sometimes take a few moments to get the progress % bar. Once loaded, I can go to different tabs just fine with no delay. I seemed to have pinpointed it to only loading the dashboard causing the issue, which seems to be a problem since it is the first thing to load when logging into “FreePBX Adminisration”.

When I switch over the network to be on the WIFI/have internet, it seems to never have this problem. The dashboard is very responsive and never seems to fail to load.

Is there something it is trying to reach to display on the dashboard that is preventing it to load fast when on a private network?

My current setup is as follows:
FreePBX 15.0.23
Installed on a Oracle VirtualBox 7.0
All 3 Firefox, Chrome, and Edge does this

Pretty sure it is something in the Dashboard trying to talk to Sangoma servers as we’ve had that issue forever as well and pretty sure it’s present on FreePBX 16 as well.

Don’t quote me on where it’s trying to connect to, it’s just an assumption on my part but if the PBX doesn’t have internet access loading the web interface takes forever.

Perhaps the rss feeds?

Ahh right, I always forget about those.

You can customize in advanced settings’

Okay, I removed the two RSS feeds and it seems to be loading just fine now. That may have done the trick! I’ll keep mointoring it for a few days and see if it keeps being responsive on the private! Thanks for the suggestion.

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