Having some issues with calls randomly being dropped

I have a Sangoma box using FreePBX 14. It has been working very well for some time. We have been encountering some issues lately though. The incoming calls are all directed to an IVR. Options 1,2,3 all seem to work just fine. Option 0 is set to go to a ring group that has 6 endpoints. Every once and a while when you press 0 you hear the transfer music and then it sounds like someone is picking the call up, however the call seems to just be dropped. On my cell the call continues after it sounds like i am hung up on. This option 0 has an extremely high call volume as well.
Would it be possible that when the 6 endpoints are busy the calls get dropped? If so is there a way to fix that?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you can isolate a call trace of a failed call and share via pastebin we may get a clue:


Who is…PJSIP/251 joined bridge and then left bridge. Looks like they answered and then dropped the call. Could this be a one way audio issue on that endpoint? Or is it possible its a headset issue. On other call logs is it always 251 that drops the call like that?

-Agree with @partgenius, problem lines are 469-472, PJSIP 251 answers the call and then drops it 2 seconds later. Possible signaling issue or malfunctioning phone?

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