Has the operation of follow-me firstnotonphone strategy changed in FreePBX 13?

I have been working on setting up a new install of FreePBX, copying all my settings and configuration over from a FreePBX 2.11 system. When I tried to bring it up “live” for the first time, I noticed that extension to extension calls were going straight to voicemail if the first phone in a follow-me group was off-hook. For example, let’s say I am calling extension 121 from extension 120, and the follow-me list is set to


Now if I take extension 121 off-hook, and place the call to extension 121 from 120, extension 122 should ring, and that’s what happens under FreePBX 2.11. But under FreePBX 13 the call goes straight to voicemail, which is the no answer destination. This is using the firstnotonphone strategy. As far as I can tell, the configurations for the extensions and follow-me are identical on both systems, except for new fields added in 13 which are at their default settings, and the extension NAT mode is set to no when for some reason it had been set to yes on the 2.11 system - it’s an internal extension so I doubt that would make a difference. Has the operation of the firstnotonphone strategy changed between 2.11 and 13? Or is this a bug?

It’s not working the way you expect, so I’d start with a ticket as your next step. There have been some interesting changes in the part of the system (we had a similar question about one of the other follow-me strategies a few months ago).