Has Grandstream been dropped from the store?

I just logged into the FreePBX portal site looking to order a bunch Grandstream phones and the list of phone manufacturers no longer includes Grandstream. Please tell me they haven’t been dropped now that Sangoma is peddling it’s own phones.


Looks like they are only carrying Sangoma and Digium now phones now.

That is correct. We just can’t get good pricing on those and make a profit on them.

Hmm. You guys could have raised the Grandstream pricing by $10-15 a unit and still have been completive with web pricing. I find it a bit ironic that any product that competes against an existing Sangoma product apears to have been pulled from the store. Gotta say I think you’re shooting yourselves in the foot here.

It’s a Sangoma Portal mainly for resellers. We sell very few other brand products. Their are plenty of online stores that sell Grandstream and other products but our portal is first and foremost Sangoma products. We do have a few other brand products but it’s mainly all Sangoma or a few products for things we do not offer like door access control and other things.

We offer Digium phones still because of our partnership with them and they allow us to make a decent margin still. Not so much with the other brands like Grandstream.

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