Has faxing for DIDs gone away? Upgrading from -> - can't find it!

Hi all-

I am upgrading to the more stable and much nicer and yet, I see that DID’s have changed in their configuration. On the old guy, I could create a DID as an Incoming Route, and thereby setup fax handling to mail faxes to the owner of the DID.

Now, I see a new option called Zap Channel DIDs - this works fine as far as call direction, but how do I setup incoming faxes to these DID numbers? They need to be delivered to separate emails (I guess this is obvious). Do I set it up as an Incoming Route? If so, why have Zap Channel DIDs? (and how to do this?)

I am scratching my head on this – I would think that this newer version would not eliminate this feature - am I missing an install package (I looked) or something? Thanks for the help.

ZAP Channel DIDs allow you to define a DID for a ZAP channel. This is especially useful for plain analog ZAP channels that do not pass DID or CID information. The DID attached to the ZAP Channel allows the ZAP calls to be handled by the Inbound Route for the DID.

The Inbound (also called Incoming) Route has a Fax Handling section that allows you to define how to handle fax calls for that route. Take a look at the tool tips for Fax Extension, Fax Email, Fax Detection Type, and Pause After Answer.

Hi sasargen, thanks for the help.

I have been using Zap Channel DIDs in the older version and I see how to do them in the new version. My question is how to configure a specific DID/Zap combination for incoming faxing - primarily I want to provide a different email address for DID recipients. I see how to configure an inbound route for fax, but unlike the older version, the DIDs are not configured using the inbound route page, and hence the Zap DID config page does not permit specific fax config info (such as email address).

Asked another way, how do I configure a ZAP/DID to send all faxes received on that channel to an email address other than the one described in the general route settings?

Thanks again.