Has anyone loaded Crystal Reports on Freepbx 2.11?

I’m trying to load Tikal and I am getting this when i got to http://pbxaddress/cri
I get a bunch of code and then this at the bottom:

Template Error: loadfile: body is not a valid handle. Halted.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
or does anyone know of a different solution than Crystal recordings?
I know i have the built in Call Monitoring, but it allows deleting calls etc


short_open_tag directive determines whether or not PHP will recognize code written between <? — ?> tags. Generally php users used <?php — ?> tags to write php code.

Enable Short Tag in PHP

To enable short_open_tag edit PHP configuration file “php.ini” and set following value to On. Default this value is set to Off.

short_open_tag = On

So I was able to solve the error that I also presented myself, for CRI