Hardware Units and Requirements

Greetings to all,

would just like to know the hardware units & requirements for setting up a pbx system using FreePBX.

So far from the searching that I did, I’ll be needing a PC to where I will install the FreePBX.

Question 1: What ports/lan/modem do i need to attach to the PC?
Question 2: Would a normal phone would work for this setup?
Question 3: To where will the phone units be plug into?

Can some give me a diagram also?

Thanks so much

If you are speaking of the FreePBX distro, it includes Asterisk that supports everything from analog lines, ISDN to IP based SIP trunks.

Also many different types of phones and hardware to connect to the phones.

Suggest you spend some time in our wiki, at Asterisk.org, voip-info.org and maybe pickup a book about Asterisk.

FreePBX is part of a complete Open Source telephony ecosystem.


The FreePBX appliance is a purpose built, high performance Turnkey PBX solution. Designed and rigorously tested for optimal performance this is the only officially supported hardware solution for FreePBX. The appliance comes preloaded with the FreePBX Distro and includes 60 FreePBX support credits!

If you need analog support you can order the cards in the online store and they will be installed prior to shipping.

Also if you need to use an analogue phone you will need some sort of Analogue Telephone Adapter. These devices plug into your network and act as a sort of VoIP converter for analogue phones. Alternatively you can by IP Telephones that plug directly into your network.

Thank you for all your replies, very informative.

I think, I still don’t get it.

My PC with FreePBX, should have what port? I assume a Modem and a LAN port.

Does the connection does follow this way?
Phone line from wall goes to PC modem> then LAN from same PC goes to switch> Switch ports will be the ports of the Phone unit (analog/digital).


You need to read a few manuals and stop assuming, phone lines (fxo’s, or foreign exchange office interfaces) need to connect to hardware that supports them, modems don’t. LAN ports will connect to your LAN (local area network), generally you will also need to connect to the WAN (Wide area network, i.e. the internet) for that you will need a router.

Seeing as you are here, might I suggest at the top of the page the conveniently named link (documentation) which will take you to:-

which apparently you completely missed, or ignored. It will help you understand what you are trying to do, as it has helped many others before. . . .

Thank you Dicko for the reply. I did read that part of the site, but no description/information on what hardware to use, if i missed it, can you give the exact link, or part of the Documentation.

Can someone show me a diagram of hardware that will be needed to be setup to have a working PBX.

I suggest you read ALL the documentation, that way you will know that you haven’t missed anything.

I’m not much of a one for pictures but maybe:-

pretty well covers TFM in pictures of one syllable :wink:

Hi Dicko, thanks for the link & reply.

What would be my hardware setup if I’ll have 2 truck lines, and 10 loc.?
I have the impression that FreePBX can be a simple setup.


Add another picture of a IP Telephony Provider, and 9 more pictures of the IP phone.

When you get over the pictures it’s quite simple, how about you just TRY and read some documentation before you repost, if you do that you will already know how simple or difficult it will be for you.

Thank you so much Dicko for all your answers.