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We have a support centre where we wan to deploy Freepbx server to manage incoming calls (there are no outgoing calls) on 4 analog lines entering into the server. At any given time, the number of expected concurrent calls is not expected to be more than 2. What hardware should we use for the server? Is Core i5 2.8 GHz with 4 GB Ram enough or is it an over kill? Recommendations are highly appreciated.

Plenty. 4 calls? You could probably do that on a linksys router!
Just a basic machine will handle that load with absolute ease. The entire system really takes very very little resources, only 4 calls is pretty boring for it honestly.

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I’ve run call centers with 24 outgoing phones and call recording on low end AMD workstations. Four DAHDI lines and two calls at a time should work on almost anything you can still power up.

If you want to do a modern version of FreePBX, you should look up the “minimal” requirements for Asterisk and go from there. Seems to me it’s something like 2G of RAM, 240G Hard Drive, 100M Ethernet, and (of course) your DAHDI card, I don’t think you can even buy a CPU that’s too small for this application. Stay away from NUCs (some of their hardware is too new for Asterisk) and super bleeding edge server motherboards.

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Thanks everyone.

So, I believe a Core 2 Duo with 4 GB of Ram (just to be on the safe side) and 500 GB HDD will be enough. No need to for Core i3 or i5 in this case.

I think it should work.

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