Hardware Requirements for a 800 user system

Hi All,

I have worked only on FreePBX in labs and never set up a system for usage by end users. A friends apartment has some 800 users with the old analog PBX system which is not working anymore and they want a replacement, i am thinking if i could take up that work. I tried checking the forum for system requirements but have not been able to get something for a huge setup, so i tried comparing the appliance systems hardware specs and thought that would be a good way to get a system for my requirement the h/w specs.

Though the number of users in the system is around 800, but they all wold not be using Voicemail, maybe 20 people max. All the calls will be g711ulaw, the number of conferences will be limited to 10 max. Since it is an apartment setup, most of the features will be restricted. And there will be hardly no external calls. Maximum 1 PRI card.

FreePBX Phone System 1000

For a 1000 user system the specs according to the Appliance model is below :-

FreePBX Distro Pre-loaded
Quad Core Xeon Processors
Dual 240GB SSD Drives with raid
32 GB of Memory
7 Onboard GB Network Ports
4 PCI Express Slots
1U Server
4 Post Rack Mount Rail Kit
IPMI Interface
1 Year Warranty

Any information on this would be nice.

Thank you