Hardware OK, FreePBS installed, OpenVox installed - what next?

I have a decent PC up and running with FreePBX and it has an OpenVOX card in it with FXO and FXS daughter boards.

The question is: What next?

Are there general suggestions about hooking up phones or my Comcast phone line? If I do that, what is the default behavior of the PBX?

The first bit of configuration I’d like to install is a method by which the system can be told to “silently answer all calls and give them a recorded message”. Only if they can enter the proper password, will the phones ring.

When this feature is not active, the system runs normally.

Sorry for the extremely basic nature of my situation. I am to the point, I think, where I need to connect some telephone equipment and I’d like some advice for how best to proceed.

Physicl phone Lines attach to your FXO hardware, physical analog phones to your FXS hardware.

Start with:-

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