Hardware lock cannot be reset, maximum attempts reached

Hardware lock cannot be reset, maximum attempts reached.

I have been trying to migrate from a physical box to a virtual machine. I reset the hardware lock a few times too many. Now the Sangoma Portal won’t allow me to reset again. What can I do? I’ve reached out to Sangoma support already. What are my options?

Sangoma support is your option. They are the only ones who CAN reset it. Outside of that new pbxid and re-buy modules. Note they will only reset on a case by case basis so contacting support isn’t a guarantee but it is the appropriate path to go.

Sangoma was very kind and allowed me to reset the lock. They warned me that it will be the last time. This means that I will have to use a new Deployment ID once my EPM module expires.

The deployment ID goes with the hardware, not EPM. Your EPM module goes with the Deployment ID. As long as you don’t change the deployment ID, you should be able to license and relicense EPM (or any other module) as much as you’d like.

That’s just it. My Deployment ID cannot be used to reactivate another time. The reason is that I haven done it far too many times. That’s confirmed by Sangoma

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